A critical friend helping you to improve

Did your big idea work?  Have you made a difference?  What lessons have your learnt? What should be your next steps to ensure valued outcomes and impact?

Whether you are a small community group, a statutory provider of health services, or a local business providing care services, external evaluation is an essential part of your business planning process.

We can work with you so that you are asking the right questions, collecting the right quality data and presenting your findings in a way which informs and builds confidence in your future decisions.

We tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. We can:

  • Design, host, run and market bespoke surveys
  • Research and analyse local data, information and markets
  • Deliver effective, independent consultations with all stakeholders
  • Write detailed reports on trends, issues and findings
  • Evaluate impacts, outcomes and evidence-based recommendations