Digital Support

Helping you become digitally-friendly

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In this new digital era, organisations need to adjust their business models to reflect the changes this brings.

Focusing on the digital customer experience when it comes to achieving your goals can significantly reduce costs and create more satisfied customers.

We have a variety of tools available that can encourage the interactions between the customer and organisations taking place on digital platforms, such as mobile, desktop, iPad or other tablets. We can:

  • Use our unique online rate & review feedback centre to allow you to receive real public feedback
  • Provide you with a feedback ‘widget’ tool for your website, to encourage transparency and openness
  • Support you with setting up and managing social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Design, host, and market bespoke online surveys via our premium, secure feedback tools
  • Deliver experienced focus groups to test and feedback on your website or digital tools
  • Create bespoke online e-learning training module packages for you to share with your workforce remotely