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Torbay Multicultural Network – An Update


Some incredible artwork produced by core member Keara
Some incredible artwork produced by core member Keara

Last year, Engaging Communities South West were asked to develop a new Network to supporting the ethnic minority community in Torbay’s public, private and community sector, working alongside the newly formed Torbay Racism Review Panel. The initial funding for this was provided by Torbay Council and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

In September 2021, The Torbay Multicultural Network launched, made up of people from different ethnic minority groups, and currently there are nine members from a diverse range of backgrounds working to provide feedback about services, to aid with translations and to develop action plans .

Since the launch three months ago, the members have already attended a significant amount of meetings with organisations in Torbay, including Devon and Cornwall Police, to explain to the members how to report hate crime, and The Devon and Somerset Fire Service, asking for feedback and tips about fire risks among different cultures so they can target their fire safety information accordingly.

Multicultural Forum Newsletter

The group also send out a monthly newsletter to over 20 organisations in Torbay, a good way to share resources, as well as spreading information about important issues in Torbay that people from an ethnic minority background may face. The newsletter includes, for example, testimonies from those living in Torbay from an ethnic minority community, news about cultural celebrations, and anti-racism resources. You can view the latest newsletter by clicking the link below:.

Torbay Multicultural Network January 2022 Newsletter

The future of the Network

Plans for 2022 (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) include a festival to celebrate different cultures and meeting with organisations in a 1:1 online Zoom calls to establish a relationship, provide feedback and develop action plans for future collaboration.