Staying Put Project

We are one of six funded organisations in a pioneering Torbay scheme to help older people to stay in their homes for longer by providing a variety of services.

The services cover everything from a low cost handy person service, to cooking lessons, menu planning and online shopping.

We are ensuring that everyone has the access to the health and care services they need when they need it, with advocacy services on hand to make sure people have their voices heard on health, wellbeing and social care issues.

Called ‘Staying Put’ the project relies on volunteers to be good neighbours and a campaign is being launched to find neighbourhood champions and lots of volunteers who will be fully trained..

National Lottery Community funded research has shown that many people would prefer to continue to live in their own homes but find as they get older that they struggle with some of the smaller jobs such as changing a lightbulb, curtain hanging or clearing garden paths.

Some also struggle when their partner dies as they have never learned to cook or in some cases have never been responsible for coordinating their own healthcare.

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