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Healthwatch Drive for ‘Champions’ Launched


We are launching a campaign to recruit a team of ‘champions’ to give the people of Torbay a stronger voice to influence how health and social care services are provided locally.

As the independent patient and public consumer champion for health and social care services, we were set up to ensure the local community have their say in service redesign and that their feedback about the services they use like GPs, Hospitals, Dentists, Opticians, Pharmacists, Mental Health Services, Care Homes, residential care and social care is listened to by those in charge.

‘Champions’ support engagement work in communities by being active in their own local area, community or the organisation they work for, representing and channelling the views of local people. It is a ‘vital’ role, according to Healthwatch Torbay Chief Executive Pat Harris:

“As we are all consumers of health and social care services, we need to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, especially those who sometimes struggle to be listened to. Healthwatch Champions are vital in making this happen by ensuring that a broad range of community groups, organisations and local residents are involved.

By recruiting active members of the public within their own communities, we hope to create a two-way means of open communication, ensuring different communities have a real voice in developing local health and social care services.

I urge anyone with a passion for helping people or a commitment to improving health and social care services to get in touch with us today and become a local Healthwatch champion. You really could make a real difference.”

A champion could be an individual or a representative from an organisation, or a local resident with a specific area of interest or expertise within their community. They will have the opportunity to share their views, provide information, advice & support, and also to get involved in other Healthwatch Torbay events, consultations and surveys. They could even run a focus group or undertake a target piece of work relevant to their community or support group, potentially supported by a small grant scheme.

If you would like more information email or call us free on 08000 520 029.